New! Here's The Guide Every Softball & Baseball Player Needs To Increase Pitching & Hitting Velocity

It's a well documented fact that an increase in muscle weight has a significant impact on increasing hitting & pitching velocity.  However, so many high school and college athlete's struggle to add muscle & maximize the results of their workouts because of the lack of knowledge about nutrition.  

This simple and easy to understand guide to building a 90 MPH Body through the right nutrition will teach you:

  • What supplements are safe & effective. 
  • What are good calories & bad calories (it's not what your think).
  • How to adjust the plan when it stops working.
  • How to eat and train to support muscle growth – not Fat!
  • How to make tracking and managing your calorie easy.


Find out exactly how to explode your training results and gain good weight with the right nutrition, even if you've struggled before!

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