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"The past 6 months have been transformational for my son. He is a smaller kid for his age and this program has pushed him beyond what he thought he could achieve. He has gained over 30lbs and the training has provided, strength, speed, and a whole new level of confidence that he needed to stay competitive."

John S.

"The single best investment I made in my sons' sports careers was getting them to learn how to properly strength train and fuel their bodies. I was skeptical at first, but I knew we had to try something different. Both of my boys were tired of being passed over and sitting the bench. No sports camp, lesson, or coach had a bigger impact on their sports careers than the instruction they received in how to eat, properly strength train, progress their weight safely but aggressively and learning proper speed mechanics. I am forever grateful in the difference it made. They went from bench players to starters and had successful college careers. "

Steve T

"I took the summer off from baseball and dedicated myself to improving my biggest weakness….my size. Over the course of 10 weeks I put on 21lbs, went from 4 chin ups to 15, and my batting exit velocity improved by over 12MPH. I went from being a part time player who was DH’d for in the line up to an everyday starter. Smartest decision I have ever made. "

Mike S

"After being injured for 2 consecutive season I took the summer off from baseball and concentrated on becoming bigger, stronger, and improving my nutrition habits. The result was I put on 25 pounds and my velocity increased 8 mph when I reported back to school. I never had another problem with my shoulder or elbow. My only regret was not doing this sooner in my career. "

Kyle B

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