5 Dangerous Trends Preventing Baseball and Softball Players From Reaching The Next Level and Threatening Their Long-Term Development

What Parents & Athletes Need To Know To Avoid Having Dreams of Reaching The Next Level Come to a Crashing End...And Sound Solutions to Overcome Them All. 


Hosted by Stan Skolfield, ATC, CSCS

Owner of Skolfield Performance









You're Going To Discover...

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing Baseball & Softball Players & How To Avoid Them

We'll share what our research discovered about the daunting trends that are making it harder to reach the next level and how you can overcome them. 

What The Top 6% of High School & College Know That The Other 94% Don't.

Five simple, but profound shifts in how the top 6% of high school and college athletes understand how to train to get maximal results in minimum time without risking career ending injuries or working out 24/7. 

5 Critical Transformation They Made, And You Can Also Make To Join The Top 6% of Athletes That Reach The Next Level

The 5-step performance training method that's turning our clients from total unknowns in their area to top rankings and scouting attention... all while staying succeeding academically, staying healthy, and enjoying the process!

Presented By, Stan Skolfield, ATC, CSCS

After more than 25 years of experience in the Sports Medicine and Sports Performance industry, my wife, Jenny, and I decided to pursue our passion and start our own business in Sports Performance.

After graduating from University of Southern Maine where I pioneered the Athletic Training degree program, I quickly gained certifications as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS).  Since then, I have been a leader in the fields of Sports Performance and Athletic Training.  In addition to presenting and publishing at the regional and national level consistently throughout my career, I designed and managed the OA Performance Center, one of New England’s first fully integrated Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Sports Performance facilities.  Prior to this I was an Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach for the Boston Red Sox, the University of Southern Maine, and in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

My true passion is the game of baseball and have specialized in analyzing and correcting throwing mechanics of injured baseball athletes from youth sports all the way up to the professional athlete.   My concentration in this area of Sports Medicine has allowed me to help hundreds of athletes rehabilitate from injury, improve their delivery, and throw harder.  

My love for Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, and coaching led me to create Skolfield Sports Performance, an avenue for aspiring athletes to reach their full potential.  I believe a comprehensive approach to sports development is the key to athletic success.  My goal is to bring the most complete training experience to our clients.

I have been married to my wife Jenny for almost 20 years, and have two sons Kyle and Casey.   I’m an avid outdoorsman and remain active in coaching youth sports.

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