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FACT: not all personal trainers and performance coaches are equally qualified. Industry surveys report that a lack of experience, knowledge, or application of professional training practices can result in the program being ineffective or worse leading to season ending injury. Skolfield Performance understands we may not be your only stop in your search for the right  sports performance program. We've put together a consumer guide below to help you make an informed decision when assessing other personal trainers and performance coaches. Read through the info then meet our team below along with visiting the "How We're Different" page to see how we stack up.

Questions to Ask to Determine If A Sports Performance Provider's Coaches & Trainers Are Qualified.

Know what to look for and questions to ask when comparing our Skolfield Performance Team to other service providers.


How Do We Stack Up?


After more than 25 years of experience in the Sports Medicine and Sports Performance industry, my wife, Jenny, and I decided to pursue our passion and start our own business in Sports Performance.

After graduating from University of Southern Maine where I pioneered the Athletic Training degree program, I quickly gained certifications as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS).  Since then, I have been a leader in the fields of Sports Performance and Athletic Training.  In addition to presenting and publishing at the regional and national level consistently throughout my career, I designed and managed the OA Performance Center, one of New England’s first fully integrated Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Sports Performance facilities.  Prior to this I was an Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach for the Boston Red Sox, the University of Southern Maine, and in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

My true passion is the game of baseball and have specialized in analyzing and correcting throwing mechanics of injured baseball athletes from youth sports all the way up to the professional athlete.   My concentration in this area of Sports Medicine has allowed me to help hundreds of athletes rehabilitate from injury, improve their delivery, and throw harder.  

My love for Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, and coaching led me to create Skolfield Sports Performance, an avenue for aspiring athletes to reach their full potential.  I believe a comprehensive approach to sports development is the key to athletic success.  My goal is to bring the most complete training experience to our clients.

I have been married to my wife Jenny for almost 20 years, and have two sons Kyle and Casey.   I’m an avid outdoorsman and remain active in coaching youth sports.


After 18 years of working as a leader in one of the largest hospitals and healthcare systems in Maine, I decided to take a step back to spend more time with my family and join my husband, Stan, in pursuing our passion of youth and sports development.  Having done everything from program management to strategic planning to financial management and operations, having me run the behind the scenes operations of our business while he designed the training was a good match!

I am an accomplished athlete having completed two Boston Marathons and countless triathlons culminating an Ironman finish in Mont Tremblant, Canada.  Prior to my triathlon years, I spent my athletic time running, snowboarding, rock climbing and mountain biking.  I love an athletic challenge as it pushes me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In addition to my own involvement with our two son’s baseball community and travel sports organizations, I spent countless days and hours around professional baseball players, coaches and administration while Stan pursued his passion of baseball.

"One of my passions is using athletics to empower youth and adults to take on the challenges of getting to the next level because only then will they see the amazing things they are capable of doing…physically, mentally and emotionally!


I was born in Biddeford, ME, and attended Biddeford High School where I was a three sport athlete. While I was there, I was a senior captain of my football team, played varsity baseball, and wrestled at the varsity level.  After graduating I was recruited and attended the University of New England as part of the first ever football team in school history.  Unfortunately, I was injured my freshman year and had to have back surgery.  This ended my football career so instead I volunteered to help the team as a student-assistant coach. I am now an assistant coach and help the players in the weight room.

 My interest in strength and conditioning began my freshman year of high school when I started to train in the weight room for sports. Training in my high school’s weight room helped me realize how important it was to get stronger and the impact it had on my performance on the field.  This formed a passion for strength and conditioning and led me to pursue this field at UNE.

 In August of 2021 I received my bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching from the University of New England.  During my Senior year I applied for an internship at Skolfield Sports Performance, where I learned about program design and how to train athletes.  In the Fall of 2021, I was hired as a Performance Coach and I also continue to work with UNE’s football team on the field and in the weight room.  I love this profession and I want to emulate what my strength coaches have done for me and help other athletes achieve their performance goals.


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition from University of New England in the Spring of 2021. Shortly thereafter I received my NSCA CSCS Certification.  Prior to joining Skolfield Sports Performance I worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Southern Maine.  I also volunteered as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at UNE working predominantly with men’s and women’s ice hockey, golf, track and field, and women’s rugby. I completed an internship with Yale University’s Strength and Conditioning team in the Summer of 2020 where I learned the ins and outs of training and programming for college athletes. 

My passion for Strength and Conditioning started in my early teenage years while I was pursuing a college athletics career. I trained in and out of season at the OA Performance Center/Parisi Speed School with Stan. With the help of a great training program and hard work I was able to reach my goals and become a two-sport varsity athlete at UNE playing men’s ice hockey and lacrosse. I fell in love with the process and science behind training which led me to pursue my degree in Exercise Science. I want to be able to share my passion for Strength and Conditioning and my experience with pursuing a college athletic career with other athletes also looking to play college sports.

I’m a home-grown Mainer having lived in Southern Maine my whole life. I attended Bonny Eagle High School where I played varsity men’s ice hockey and lacrosse. I was a junior and senior year captain for lacrosse and earned First Team All-State my senior year as a midfielder. In my spare time I enjoy marathon and triathlon endurance training. I complete my first race at the Sebago Lake Triathlon during the Summer of 2021. 


I went to Sanford High School where I performed track, was a police cadet and JROTC Cadet. I graduated in the top 50 of my class and was the JROTC liaison officer for my school for 2 years. While a junior in high school, I enlisted in the Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic. After high school, I went to the University of Southern Maine where I pursued my bachelors in Exercise Science. After my first year, I put school on pause to deploy to Afghanistan where I spent a year working while also studying exercise in my free time. I recently finished my six years of service as a U.S Veteran and graduated from USM with honors.

            When approaching the end up my military term, I felt that the field of strength and conditioning would be the greatest way for me to learn not only how to take better care of myself, but of others as well. I love helping people and I find that exercise is one of the best ways to do that. I’ve had a few internships in the field including working at a physical therapy clinic, personal training gym and Deering High School’s athletic department. I’ve found that I enjoy working with athletes because I get to see the results of their training in the gym out on the field. Being a part of that growth is amazing!

            Though I’m not originally from Maine, I love living here and consider it my home. I have 2 cats, a dog, and a turtle at home. In my downtime, I love to listen to music and visit coffee shops. Some hobbies of mine include hiking, paddle boarding, playing tennis or softball and of course exercise. I also hope to start horseback riding over the summer.



I am from North Yarmouth, ME and graduated from Greely High School in 2017. At Greely, I competed in the Discus and Shotput events as a Track and Field athlete. My larger athletic career took place in the club sport of Gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and placed 1st on Parallel Bars at the West Point Open and at Regionals in 2015. I later became a gymnastics coach after having retired as the team captain, a position I held for five years. The difficulty of the sport as well as the leadership experience I had gained from being both the team captain and team coach piqued my interest in a military lifestyle to further develop those skills. This ultimately led to my attendance at Norwich University.

At Norwich, I joined the Corps of Cadets as a freshman in 2017. I held rank for four consecutive years, the last of which being Cadet First Lieutenant where I was the Assistant Officer in Charge of Public Affairs. In 2019, I joined the Swim & Dive team where we went on to win the Greater Northern Eastern Conference. In 2021, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science.

Not only did athletics develop my leadership skills but it also drove me into the sports performance career field. I often found myself spending early mornings and late nights at the gym or in barracks rehabbing old injuries and strengthening myself to accommodate the physical demands of the Corps of Cadets and athletics. I decided to switch my major from mechanical engineering to health science for my sophomore year to gain a deeper understanding of what I found myself intrinsically doing each day.  After receiving my degree, I worked as a personal trainer to gain more coaching experience in a gym setting. In April of 2022, I received my CSCS and transitioned my career focus and skill set towards sport performance which has been incredibly rewarding.

Since graduating, I am back home on the in North Yarmouth. I’m an avid hiker and rock climber.


Matt Whalen, Performance Coach, CSCS, CF-1, CF-2

     I attended the University of New England earning a bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Science in 2021.  Following graduation I completed my NSCA CSCS Certification.  While attending UNE, I was a coaching intern at the UNE Strength and Conditioning Facility. Prior to my coaching internship, I earned my CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Level 2 certificates and have been instructing group fitness for three years.  It brings me great joy and fulfillment to help athletes get to the next level and reach their goals.

    I’m local to Southern Maine and I played four years of lacrosse at Kennebunk High School.  My passion for strength and conditioning originated from training to become better on the lacrosse field.  When I am not coaching, I enjoy spending time surfing and snowboarding.       



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